i open my mouth and become a potential fool (mouthings) wrote in yeosung,
i open my mouth and become a potential fool


what do i need to do to get myself in a better mood?

“Mrs. Francesca—who never heard of you—got a message from Ouija for me. Nobody’s hands were on it—but hers—and it told us to be married—that we were soul-mates. Theosophists think that two souls are incarnated together—not necessarily at the same time, but are mated—since the time when people were bisexual; so you see ‘soul-mate’ isn’t exactly snappy-stylish; after all: I can’t get messages but it really worked for me last night—only it couldn’t say anything, but ‘dead, dead’—so, of course I got scared and quit. It’s really most remarkable, even if you do scoff. I wish you wouldn’t, it’s so easy, and believing is so much more intelligent."

-excerpt from Zelda Fitzgerald's letters to F. Scott Fitzgerald

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