i open my mouth and become a potential fool (mouthings) wrote in yeosung,
i open my mouth and become a potential fool


hand-typed for your reading pleasure

I reach past my glass
   take her hand

I didn't plan this

my fingers freeze
on her warm veins

I can't read her eyes

will she?
will she?

   touch me

right out in the open

I'm a fucking fool

oh jesus Diana

she's turning her hand
moist palm
    into mine

her skin

you could hear my heart
   in Perth

she picks up my hand
I swallow my tongue

she brings my hand
to her mouth

and sucks my ring

'you're trembling'
she says

my other hand
floats to her

touches her throat

her perfume
her eyes

the hot tip
of her tongue.

-Dorothy Porter, First Move, ,The Monkey's Mask

Tags: !prompts, #medium: photography, #medium: poetry
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